Magna Prime Unveils Milestone Wall, Honoring History to Forge a Better Future

“Those who came before have already laid the foundations and paved the way, and it’s now our turn to build a future where we can finally realize our vision of living in a country that can achieve world-class standard construction chemical products and methodologies,” said Mr. Tan in his speech.  

After achieving an all-time high annual sales record for 2022, Magna Prime Founder and CEO Derrick A. Tan is determined to continue the company’s momentum as he introduced this year’s theme, ACCELERATE: Train, Strategy, Growth, aiming to provide more training for its employees, further improve its business strategies, and expand its operations.

In line with this, CEO Derrick Tan and top executives inaugurated a Milestone Wall that highlights the company’s history, vision, mission, and goals for the next three years. The Milestone Wall is strategically placed inside the canteen so that Magna Prime employees and guests can appreciate what the company has been through, especially the significant events that have shaped Magna Prime's history.

We need to honor our history, the good and the bad. We have to remember our past failures and appreciate our achievements so that we can learn and move forward,” Mr. Tan added. According to the 48-year-old CEO, they will always recognize the contributions of every single member who is and has been a part of the company’s history.

With its humble beginnings of renting small properties in Metro Manila, Magna Prime finally found its home in 2017. Now, the three-hectare property in Barangay Camangyanan houses all its offices, factories, warehouses, laboratories, quality control and assurance center, training center, clinic, canteen, multi-purpose halls, guest house, and outdoor event venue. 

Back in 2009, Magna Prime was badly devastated by two strong typhoons. Thankfully, they were able to quickly recover because of their LAKBAYANIHAN culture. But it seems that fate was really guiding Magna Prime all along.   

In 2017, they had to quickly find a new home when the property owner notified them that they won’t be allowed to renew their contract, forcing Mr. Tan to finally buy a property they could call home. Fortunately, Mr. Tan miraculously found a piece of land that perfectly suited  his budget at the time. 

“Buti nalang mabait ang owners. Pumayag sila sa partial payment na sakto kung magkano lang meron ako. Tapos yung the rest is kailangan ko pang utangin sa bangko,” Mr. Tan explained.  

CEO Derrick Tan during the construction of Magna Prime main office in Santa Maria, Bulacan

Fast forward to today, and Magna Prime has achieved so much in terms of its business and community, thanks to the strategic location of its main office. In 2021, Magna Prime acquired another 5,000-sqm lot beside its manufacturing plant, paving the way for a massive expansion of its business and manufacturing operations.

This year, Magna Prime plans to launch Buildrite Academy, a program that will teach the next generation of DIYers, applicators, and contractors in a classroom-type setup. With Magna Prime’s team of professional chemists, engineers, architects, interior designers, and technical experts, they will teach the students the right products and methodologies for specific construction requirements. CEO Derrick Tan stated that they hope to make this project a national trend that will pique the interest of more people in the continuous advancement of construction chemical technology.

With a staggering increase in demand for Buildrite and Sinclair products, Mr. Tan is also poised to open Buildrite and Sinclair Sales Centers in several locations nationwide, bringing its high-quality products and value-added services closer to localities.

By 2024, Magna Prime aims to acquire ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management Systems. By 2025, Magna Prime aims to finally sell its products in South East Asian countries.

“The best is yet to come. Achieving one billion is hard, but the second billion is inevitable. More importantly, behind these numbers, we were able to establish our culture, our values, and the reasons why we exist as a company,” Mr. Tan said. 

Mr. Tan also said that the coming years will become more significant to the history of the company. After experiencing accelerated growth for the past three years, he said that the foundation has already been laid for Magna Prime. It’s just up to the present generation to continue building a better future for the construction chemical industry.

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