Starting a Company Tradition to Fast-Track Industry Standardization

Before PhilConstruct 2022, Magna Prime Founder and CEO Derrick Tan asked a simple question:

“What if we do our product launch every year at PhilConstruct?”

The team agreed, and the rest is history.

November 3, 2022 became a historic day for Magna Prime Chemical Technologies, Inc., as it started a new company tradition, challenging the norms and its competitors while ensuring continuous progress in the construction chemical industry.

This year’s PhilConstruct exhibition and expo wasn’t just another event for Magna Prime; it marked the official start of a company tradition to launch new innovative products every year during the annual PhilConstruct Expo.

Exciting Years Ahead for the Industry

With a beginning full of "firsts," industry stakeholders can now look forward to more exciting years to come as Magna Prime strives to realize its vision of industry standardization in the Philippines.  

Excited was indeed the most often used word during the ribbon-cutting ceremonies and conference for the launching of Buildrite SmartBond Flex: The First Flexible Tile Adhesive and Readycrete: Ready-Mix Concrete in a Bag, together with the re-launching of Sinclair Paints: The New Generation Paint in the Philippines.

“We are very excited about these new products and how much more Buildrite and Sinclair can contribute to the construction industry,” said Architect Richard Garcia, President of the United Architects of the Philippines.

VIP delegates from the Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers, PAPM Secretary Diosdado Cheng, and PAPM President Charlie Kwa were also among the guest speakers during the event. Both of them also gave their thanks to Magna Prime and CEO Derrick Tan for “bringing the industry to new heights," and they are also excited for more product innovations in the coming years.

Founding Principles of Innovation

In his opening remarks, Founder and CEO Derrick Tan shared the principles behind the company’s approach to producing high-quality, innovative products.

“Magna Prime was founded on the idea that need is the mother of all inventions. We innovate to meet the needs of the industry stakeholders, taking into account real-life situations happening in the country’s construction industry.”

One of the most highly anticipated segments of the conference was the official re-launch of Sinclair Paints: The New Generation Paint. With the previous owners’ presence during the event, Mr. Tan described it as "nostalgic" yet "futuristic."

Mr Tan then explained the evolution of the paint industry and how the brand of Sinclair Paints is perceived in the Philippines in connection to its additional tagline, “The New Generation Paint." The modern technology of Sinclair's paint system can now be experienced by the public through its functional paints, water-based paints, decorative paints, and universal colorants.  

Mr. Tan also explained the reasons behind the creation of SmartBond Flex and Readycrete. Equipped with his entertaining vlogging skills, Mr. Tan explained the current situations in the tiling and concrete mix industries, reiterating the need for standardization in these particular industries.

“Coupled with the drive to innovate and understand what people really need, we were able to formulate and provide innovative products that are cost-efficient, reliable, and sustainable,” Mr. Tan said.

Delegates from different media outlets, such as Business Mirror, The Manila Times, Manila Bulletin, Malaya Business Insight, AsianTV, iBC News, and Philippine Biz News, were present to document the event. 

PhilConstruct 2022 at SMX Convention Center Manila is open to the public from November 3 to 6. You can visit Buildrite and Sinclair booths to learn more about their products and get a free consultation. 


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